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My experience with Chanel and the Mentor Me Collective has been life-changing. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon her. Her expertise in the Tech world is unmatched. She has empowered me as a women in STEM! Through the Collective Network, she connected me to numerous referrals and exciting opportunities.

Roxy Wilcox

Software Engineer at Google

Chanel, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your dedication to the Mentor Me Colletive program and helping our community prosper in tech! When we spoke over a year ago about my job offer with the other company, you encouraged me not to settle and keep going until I got what I wanted. Thank you!

Aminah Matthews

User Experience Researcher at

During a short span of time, I have networked with others in my field and received priceless advice and tools, all contributing to expanding me professionally and personally, while creating a community of like-minded individuals. Mentor Me comes highly recommended.

Quentin Lester

Cloud Engineer at NBCUniversal Media, LLC

After applying to around 500 jobs, I got a full-time role as a iOS engineer at Apple 😀 I am thankful for the Mentor Me Collective Network and Chanel, my mentor. Thank you for the kind words, advice and help during my job search! I first connected in my Junior Year.  It helped me get an internship at Apple. Thank you Mentor Me Collective!

Mohamad Dibassy

Software Engineer at Apple

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